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Welcome to Human Figure of Speech; a site committed to the education and understanding of human nature and behavior. Learn various forms of how people communicate through content that includes non-verbal,  historical, and modern ways.

Are you ready to improve yourself in a fun way and develop a new found superpower? Prepare to have people wondering how you read their mind. You will become more confident about how you function in whatever environment you find yourself in!


Hi, I’m Mark! My first interest in body language and human nature came to me through a movie I watched back in 1994 as a teenager. The movie was “True Romance” starring Christian Slater; as a loner, comic book/ kung fu movie loving, Elvis obsessed, pariah named Clarence Worley.

There is a scene where Clarence Worley’s father Clifford, played by Dennis Hopper, is being interrogated about his son’s whereabouts by what can be concluded as the Detroit Mafia. Christopher Walken plays the interrogator who tells Clifford there are 17 pantomimes a man has that give him away when he lies (women 20).

Right away I wanted to know these 17-20 pantomimes! At the time, there was no Google and no internet (Al Gore hadn’t invented it yet). No one likes to get lied to, and I wanted to have the advantage to read between the lines of what people told me, if ever I suspected they were lying. I searched the local library for anything related to tell how a person is lying.

I couldn’t find any book about human pantomimes or lying specifically. The movie scene was fictional and these pantomimes, whether there was truth to their existence or not, couldn’t be found in a public library at the time. Not in my town anyway.

In whatever format, I knew there had to be a relative topic that could at least give me some of this esoteric knowledge I so desperately wanted to know. I came across a book in the library that same day by Julius Fast called “Body Language.” I read the back of the book searching for any clues this topic would lead me in the right direction.

I read the back-cover where the “about the book” usually is written. After the brief introduction, the book noted some highlights of what the reader would discover. The first was how to read sexual chemistry. The second was how to tell if someone is lying!

I was just a teenager and was super excited to learn about the topic. I found there is so much more than just “reading lies” when it comes to human interaction. That passion and interest has never left me.

Once I discovered how deep the interpretation of body language goes, it became something I never wanted to stop learning about. Even today, in an ever-changing world, technology alters life and environment so fast, and there are undeniably new ways of communication we can learn from that simply did not exist 20 or even 10 years ago.

We will cover everything you can think or question about human nature, body language, and even more.

P.S. Also be sure to check out True Romance, it’s a great movie with an all star cast!


There are few things as rewarding as helping other people. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in my life. That’s nothing special or unique. What is unique is being able to overcome adversity in such a way that one develops an ability to help and share their lessons and insights with other’s.

I want to excite people and inspire them to be better. I’d like to help outline ways to deal with life’s obstacles, and for many, overcome depression (I’ve been there and sometimes still find SHORT visits). I believe if people are more aware of human nature, themselves, and how we communicate in our culture, it will help them become more self aware and empowered to take control and find even more enjoyment in their lives.

You’ll find that learning these skills doesn’t just help you to learn to read other people, but it also helps you to understand yourself better. Enjoy the journey friends!


The goal here is to educate anyone and all interested in learning the fascinating ways of human nature and communication, to better understand the self, each other, and the world we all live in and share.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out with an answer.

All the best,


Human Figure Of Speech

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4 thoughts on “About Site

  1. Hi Mark, This is such a fascinating topic! I wonder what traits in someone’s behavior would let you know they are lying. Can you give some examples? Also, if you want to have fun and put your skills into practice, please watch the BBC interview with Prince Andrew. I would love to have your take on that one! 🙂 Thanks for your insight! Paula

    1. Hi Paula. I actually have a plan to write an article about lying. It will be put together in the near future. I will definitely give examples. It’s nice to hear you think my topic is fascinating. I do have a lot more to come. With humans and their behavior, there’s always something new and fresh to explore and share with others. Have a great day!

  2. Real interesting, and fun, I want to make one day this template into the next generation of my self, and human behavior is the triangle key of nowadays, is so fast, algorithms, sources, platforms, and we are more connect tan never before but so far from each other in trust and truth.

    You got your self a new fan.

    Thanks Mark Geisler.

    Seeyaa around.

    1. It means a lot to me when a person finds my work interesting and fun. So thank you Aref! Those are two of the main angles I approach every article from. I do strongly believe in trying to understand one another. It promotes harmony, balance, and learning to get along with our fellow humans. I appreciate the encouraging compliment!

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