Flexing With Android Smart Watches

Android Smart Watches

World culture is becoming completely ingrained with literal instant gratification. On nearly every platform of existence, waiting for almost anything is becoming blasé. Even reaching into a pocket to check your phone may be perceived as an arduous task to some. To help remedy this kind of first world inconvenience, Android Smart Watches have given us a stylish step-saving solution!

Android Smart WatchesMillennials, Baby-Boomers, and Gen-Xers all have the option of feeling tech-savvy and channeling their inner James Bond with a flip of the wrist. This modern tech craze doesn’t just span generational usage, but daily and occupational functions as well.

For the business professional, the overwhelmed stay-at-home parent, and your hipster friend, having an Android Smart Watch can free the hands to tackle higher priority issues (even if that involves your hipster friend pointing down to show off a new pair their of Dr. Martens).

These smart phone supplements can independently hold their own ground, and have become part of many people’s lifestyle. So, just what can these high-tech smartwatches do, other than tell time and look cool?

Useful First World Luxuries

There are different functions throughout the various brands and price-points of Android Smart Watches. However, these devices have the ability to:

  • Make phone calls and take pictures
  • Play music and videos
  • Display emails                                          Android Smart Watches
  • Send and receive text messages
  • Navigate with GPS
  • Use voice command
  • Utilize fitness trackers
  • Be a heart rate/blood pressure monitor

There are many more functions available. But these popular app features appeal to the justification of purchasing a smart watch to the average purchaser.

Though many of these features may not compare to a smartphone’s display and capabilities, the convenience and on-the-go function and style is impressive and useful! Many who have retired wearing a traditional wrist watch have reinstated the accessory; due to this new wave gadgetry enhancement.

Android Smart WatchesThe Flex

Along with all the cool features and specs, style and comfort will be the determining factors that decide how often the watch will be worn. One of the coolest fashion features perhaps, is being able to change the digital face of the watch to suit your style, mood, or daily habits. Some brands will offer interchangeable wrist bands as well.

If you’re like me, and have an acute sense to detail and arguably suffer from OCD, a band can make or break the aesthetics of a watch. Sure, you could replace an undesirable watch-band. But in our fast paced world, it’s time we’d rather not spend when there are so many other options.

The bottom line to me is, I want a product to be convenient, practical, and honestly, look cool. Android Smart Watches provide these options. Samsung Galaxy Watches are the popular forerunner on the Android platform.

What About Apple?

The IPhone market has taken a hit in popularity. This is in part to high competition in the industry and a plethora of other options and affordability. But the brand still has held strong with its loyal customers. Apple delivers the reliability and smooth iOS its devotees have come to love about the brand.

Apple watches generally are more refined and operate faster than most Android Smart Watches. The iOS does not deviate from what has made Apple a popular household name. Keep in mind that the Galaxy Watches work with both Android and IPhones and can be hundreds less in price.

Apple on the other hand, has its 3rd party restrictions and stands with confidence behind its prices. (And sorry fellow Droid users, Apple watches do not want to play with your phone)

Whether you’re pro Android or Apple, you still have some great options within the smart watch community.

It’s Time To Call KITT!Michael Knight

(Sorry Millennials. You may not get that reference)

When I was a kid, watching the hit TV show Knight Rider inspired the desire to have a cool watch with high-tech capabilities. Secret Dark Ops Agent Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff) would talk into his watch, to his car named KITT, and it would more/less do his bidding and save the day.

While we may not be able to call a personal autonomous operating car yet (though Uber and Lyft are pretty close to having this happen even now), these smart watches of today give us the futuristic functions we dreamed about as a kid. And when our own cars become self-driving, rest assured there will be an app for beckoning them as well via an Android Smart Watch!

These modern Android Smart Watches come packed with apps and accessibilities even Michael Knight would be amazed by. It’s pretty awesome to see all these futuristic gadgets become a reality today. (*Kids these days really have no idea.)

*Spoken in an authoritative old man voice.

If you’re in the market to up your tech ware game, click the links below and explore your options!

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Thanks for checking out my article! I have affiliate links included where I may make a small commission for a purchase. These products were not given to me and the links do not affect the price of the items in any way. Thanks again!

– Mark G


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2 thoughts on “Flexing With Android Smart Watches

  1. Hi there
    I am a time person and must have one simple watch on my hand always. Smart watch not only provides basic timing function but also diversify its ability, particularly an easy way for monitoring our body data. Overall, Android Smart Watch is my choice for its compatibility and functionality. Same as you, I never imagine technology can turn a watch into magical personal device when I was a kid too! Probably, science fiction movies or fictions are main motivators to better amazing world.

    1. Sometimes I feel like sci-fi movies already have word of upcoming tech. It just seems to happen that way! But smart watches are cool and a fun adult toy, I mean accessory!

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