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Blue Angels' Flyovers

Blue Angels’ Flyovers have been a spectacular sky spectacle for over 74 years! This prolific essence of human invention, art, and ability is displayed through acrobatic aeronautics by way of the United States Navy and Marine’s highly skilled flight teams. These units take pride in showcasing the excitement and power of naval aviation.

Blue Angels' FlyoversAnd they have a lot of fun doing it!

But there’s more to the aerial acrobatics than showing off for glory like Tom Cruise’s Maverick in a Top-Gun-style narrative. There’s a lot of heart, practice, calculation, and creativity involved.

The flyovers are an art form…

Within the artful maneuvering of the Blue Angel’s flyovers is a message to their audience and fans. And a variety of insightful lessons can be gained through the entertainment as well. As fast as these flyovers pass and the accompanying trails may fade, their impression has the potential to last a lifetime.

Let’s fly on and paint a picture of this inspirational aerial artwork!

The Thrill And Magic Of Flight

Blue Angels' FlyoversBeing able to fly is a pretty common theme in human dreams. The Blue Angels flight team adds a vivid spark to this imagination and possibility of flight abilities. While we haven’t been able to discover a non-mechanical or aerodynamically equipped assisted way to fly, what is displayed in the sky today would most likely have shocked our ancestors of the not so distant past as much as it amazes fans today.

It wouldn’t have been anything short of magic even less than a century ago. Perhaps such a site would’ve even caused a mass panic; especially if people weren’t privy to the existence of such technology. It makes me think how the public freaked out over a radio broadcast in 1938 via Orson Welles fictional reading of the War of the Worlds.

But dreaming about flying and attaining the ability and thrill has been going on for centuries. Man took his first free-flight in Paris November 21,1783, by way of the hot-air balloon. The Montgolfier brothers, of Paris, France, designed a paper and silk made balloon that successfully carried two men.

The trip lasted for 25 minutes from a 500-foot altitude and 5-and-a-half mile travel.

It wasn’t until December 17, 1903, that the first engine-powered airplane was successfully launched into flight by Wilbur and Orville Wright in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. The ‘one-upper-to-the-French’ American brothers used a gasoline powered internal combustion engine that effectively spun the plane’s twin, counter-rotating propellers at the rear.

The technological growth of planes since then, development of jet engines, and the science of aeronautics, has led to spectacular control of aircraft movement and efficiency. This has made possible the ability to make magical designs and messages in the sky; perhaps not even previously fathomed by those with their heads in the clouds!

Blue Angels' FlyoversPainting Happy Little Clouds

Today, thrill seeking jet pilots who become a member of the Blue Angels propel through the sky via the F/A-18 supersonic turbo-fan twin-engine combat-jet that does 0-60 in 0.8 seconds. These multi-role jets not only have the power to shock in sheer performance ability alone, but to also awe audiences in aesthetic aerial synchronized acrobatics.

Viewers can witness diamond formation loops, rolls, and transitions; along with solo-tricks at speeds of up to 700 mph. The jets are equipped with smoke generator controls that are used to outline whatever design the team comes up with; showing off and impressing the audience with cool cloud-like art and trails.

It’s a beautifully mastered craft of sight, sound, movement, and precision…

One can even feel the effects of the production through near sound barrier breaking speeds. (Move over hair-metal opening band, it’s the Blue Angels’ stage now!)

Like a group of Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil dance performers (with much less sexual undertones), this crew practices vigilantly, puts together an incredible show to remember with dynamic movement and flexibility, and holds the crowds’ attention the entire time while they’re also hoping nothing goes tragically wrong!

Simply said, It is performance art.

Angelic Ambassadors Of Good WillBlue Angels' Flyovers


“To showcase the teamwork and professionalism of the United States Navy and Marine Corps through flight demonstrations and community outreach while inspiring a culture of excellence and service to country.”

The Blue Angels have 130 active-duty Sailors and Marines that help carry on that mission. April 24th, 2020 was their 74th year since inception. Since this beginning, they have become known for visiting hospitals and schools for support, encouragement, and motivation.

The team had a flyover at Shreveport and Bossier City, Louisiana, to salute local healthcare workers through the current pandemic on this most recent inception date.

More than just performance artists (and fighter pilots on the side), the Blue Angels seem to have a genuine care of the local community. Their exhibitions are intended for a positive outreach to people. Like art, the Blue Angels’ powerful performance comes with some strong messages:

  • Motivating fans to strive for greatness and follow their dreams
  • Pride, professionalism, and precision in your work
  • Inspiration to achieve excellence
  • Understanding and embracing the importance of teamwork

Already integrated into every facet of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, these performance mission statements, and amazing actions, bestow upon the Blue Angels’ audience powerful leadership and human insight. Applying this kind of conduct to one’s personal performances can improve life quality and relations.

Since the inception of the Blue Angels, they’ve had over 450 million spectators worldwide. That truly is a lot reach to help in change for the better!

The Reflection And Introspection Of The Sky

From up high in the sky, one of the craziest and death-defying Blue Angels’ flyover maneuvers include pairs of the fighter jets flying in mirror formations. Spectators below can witness the aircraft flying:Blue Angels' Flyovers

  • Back to back
  • Belly to belly
  • Wingtip to wingtip

The jets appear to be within inches of each other in these moments; flying together in opposing positions at incredible speeds. But beyond the obvious nature of the spectacular performance and pilots’ abilities, are the underlying reflections echoed back to see of and within ourselves.

Through these aerial displays of wonderment we can envision:

  • People working together, in understanding and harmony, achieving greatness
  • The sky is literally the limit to what we can achieve (And we don’t have to go or do it alone)
  • That it takes time to get to a great level of elevation (And this takes persistence, focus, and practice)
  • Looking out for one another and feeling confident in our environment
  • Being present and mindful (One bad decision or move can affect the lives of everyone around us)

This list could go on and on! (Add more to it in the comment section to inspire others in what you envision through the craft and actions of the Blue Angels.)

One more important lesson, is that we all need to be able to do our part in the journey to successful living. So one needs to…

Learn To Navigate And Master Your CraftBlue Angels' Flyovers

To be part of a great team, you still need to do your part and put the work in. No one can make you become the best version of yourself. And it’s a practice that never ends. Even if you enjoy working alone, dealing with people inevitably will happen. So learn to be respectful and interacting in harmony when that time comes. It goes a long way!

These Blue Angles’ flyovers and demonstrations remind us of human potential, possibility, and accomplishments. The bigger picture of life is reflected in this aerial art; reminding us that our problems may be smaller than perceived and may be slowing us down.

It may be time to step it up to propel forward!

No matter the size of your problems, do your best to not make them other people’s problems. We can fly on in pursuit of our dreams more successfully with the right kind of attitude, respect, and support system.

Take heed to the Blue Angels mission and art, and strive for excellence!

Thanks for reading. Check out the Blue Angels’ flyovers schedule and show info here. Did you find worthy insight through the message of the Blue Angels flight team? Leave me a comment below!

– Mark G


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2 thoughts on “Blue Angels’ Flyovers | Inspirational Aerial Art

  1. Hi there
    Actually, Blue Angels bring people hopes and encourages other than aerial performance art! Human have been flying further and faster over time, meanwhile, the goodwill mission of blue angels is admirable. Flying boosts up globalization, shortening human distance among the world, yet it brings out lots of conflicts and problems too. Probably, from the history up to now, human always like to outweigh others and want to get the most benefits, obviously nowadays, some people focus on technology competitions but forget what human basic life needs are love, peace, cooperation to grow together by reflection of today rather than narrow-minded thoughts. Agree with you, life can be reflected through aerial art, and we could endeavor to better world with Blue Angels’ mission.

    1. The thing about life. Nature, art, technology, our fellow humans; all have insight and a lesson for us. The more we seek to learn, the more we will be able to extract lessons from everything we encounter! Technology and the accomplishments of man become greater and greater every year it seems.

      I’m still attracted to the mystery of it all too. And as far as we push ahead, I still like to see how far I can look into the past to put it all together. Thank you again for reading! Have a good day!
      – Mark G

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