Mainstream Media Hype | A Boy Who Cried Wolf Story

Boy Who Cried Wolf Story

Most of us likely have heard, been taught, or come across the boy who cried wolf story in fable form. In the story, the prankster, who is a shepherd boy, repeatedly tricks the local village people. He has them believing again and again that the town’s flock of sheep is being attacked by a wolf.

Every time he cries ‘wolf,’ the town folk rush up the hill to save the sheep. Naturally, the villagers are not happy with the boy. Yet, they give him more chances because he is young and they understand kids like to play games at times. (Today, the boy would be a modern YouTube sensation!)

After they scold the boy, they make an assumption he has learned not to play such games with people. To their dismay, the menacing child dupes them again with the same trick. Little does the boy’s feeble mind start to realize, that his word has now lost credibility with the citizens.

Finally, a wolf actually appears to devour the sheep. By now, the boy is crying for help for real (on the ‘really-real,’ as kids say these days). All the villagers have to reply this time is, “Save your frightened song for when there is really something wrong!” No longer having any credibility, the boy’s words became powerless in the time of actual peril.

How close does this story hit home with you right now; with the worldwide CoronaVirus outbreak, the voice of the American Media, and the United States current quarantine situation? It’s already become a crazy part of our time. Many had high hopes for 2020 and stubbornly may have not believed the hype.

Despite handling and doing their part, people are pointing their fingers all over at who to blame; and selfishly spiting neighbors; taking way more than they need off store shelves. China and the American POTUS seem to be taking the most heat for the frenzy and public reaction.

Many initially pointed at the American media for blowing the pandemic way out of proportion. And here is where the source of information was not handled appropriately. Reflect on this vital part: OUR MEDIA – the medium from where and how the information comes, and to where and how it goes…

“The medium is the message.” – Marshall McLuhan

And while any of the above mentioned could take part in the blame (even the citizens themselves after the matter), the most powerful tool we have for information has become a non-trusted source to many. The American Media has cried wolf way too many times, and now we are suffering more than what could have been prevented.

Media SensationalismBoy Who Cried Wolf Story

Sensationalism is a type of editorial tactic in mass media. Reports of events and various topics are selected by the news to excite the greatest number of readers and viewers. Fear and disaster are the two most common themes in this style of newscasts. These reports encourage biased views of events over educated objective ones.

In mainstream, corporate sponsored media, it is common to take an insignificant matter and portray it as a major influence on the public. The primary purpose is to appeal to emotions and keep viewer’s attention. Feelings are manipulated for ulterior motives and sales. How often are you put on pause receiving important information for a commercial break?

Let’s look at the media’s track record* over the last 20 years to get a grand idea of how media sensationalism has looked like to the American people:

  • 1999/2000: Y2K
  • 2001: Anthrax Virus/ Taliban
  • 2002: West Nile Virus
  • 2003: H9N2
  • 2004: Killer Wasps
  • 2005: Bird Flu
  • 2006: E.Coli
  • 2007: MERS
  • 2008: Millennium Bug
  • 2009: Swine Flu
  • 2010: SARS
  • 2011: Obamacare
  • 2012: Mayan Calendar end of the world
  • 2013: Vaccines & Autism
  • 2014: Ebola
  • 2015: ISIS
  • 2016: Zika
  • 2017: H7N9
  • 2018: Migrant Caravans
  • 2019: Measles
  • 2020: CoronaVirus

*This 20 year list may not be completely directed and/or accurate in each year to the American public. But it has been used and roped Americans in by fear and fall for sensationalist practices towards them none-the-less.

This kind of attention is what commercial sponsors crave and what the media feeds the alpha-dogs. After these kinds of patterns have been deciphered and exposed by savvy groups or individuals, they, in alternative news sources or completely independently, try to report a more rounded perspective of events for the public.

Credit is due to those above the curve! But eventually, even the ‘betas’ (general public) will catch wind. (Pavlov and dog tricks anyone?) Sociology and psychology are the norm in media pratices. How educated are you in those subjects and practices?

Do you think events just happen and are simply and consistently:

  • Passed to well-groomed-and-dressed media crews
  • Who just happen to have all the right equipment at the right time
  • That talk characteristically unnatural, persuasive, and congruently
  • And often read from a script that can be defined as sourced by a ‘ghost-writer?

(Go talk to someone personally about your day in a media anchor voice and give your feelings and/or experiences in the comments below.)

Boy Who Cried Wolf StoryIt’s A Dog Eat Dog World

Will you evolve above the curve or with the trends? Subjects such as evolution and trained dog tricks (conditioning)  have been transferred and associated with humans. It’s hard to argue that they seem to hold a lot of truth. But they don’t have to be absolute.

With that being said, perhaps even Darwin blew evolution ‘way out of proportion?’ (Don’t worry, it’s just a theory.)

We can mentally evolve, and technology is an obvious evolutionary achievement. Darwin never had a walk-man or ear-buds. Regardless, evolution holds true in this facet. Also, lots of skeletal anomolies have been found world-wide to propose different extinct varities of ‘humans’. Sources of information and theory can be applicable in various ways (whether in secular or religious beliefs).

The lesson is that we can’t take all sources at face value, but should let the information keep us aware. And don’t put all hope and reliabilty in one human (especially a punk-ass kid). On the other side, don’t follow the crowd to be safe. It could lead to a bahahahahed fall (and a bad dad joke)…

Also, keep in mind, one man’s voice of truth can be blocked out by dumb popular opinion; and all that becomes left is the dominant unfruitful/greedy side. (Think fossil fuels that have ruled the masses’ dollar for decades.)

Relatively, competition and/or freedom can become demonized by those who hold power, finances, or other relevant resourses. (Think Tesla vs. Edison)

In Other News…Boy Who Cried Wolf Story

Alternative news sources and useful public information are often targeted for getting discredited by the mogul mass media sources. Mainstream media has the public thinking those who are actually practicing traditional news reporting are conspiracy theorists or uneducated citizens with an easy social media platform.

Often this is true.

The fact is that we no longer need record deals to promote an album or auditions to be on film. We have the ability to promote ourselves through resources such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and Instagram. We have new opportunities unprecedented in the past. And these platforms can be used unscrupulously as well. (Or just ridiculously as the Jackass brand promotes.)

Bottom line is that there are always going to be people giving false, misinformed, or useless information. It can be tough to know the truth. Religions and world powers have warred over this topic for centuries; millennia even! It just always goes across the board in almost all facets of human behavior.

Do yourself a favor and just refuse to be spoon-fed information.

Mental exercise is just as tough as physical. But taking such healthy practices seriously will make us stronger. We should be savvy, practical, and skeptical in our intake of information from whatever source it comes.

Take the following real estate statistic for prime thought example: It is reported that 6 corporations CONTROL 90% of the media in America.

Therefore, it is quite easy for them to bombard the public into thinking in opposition to alternative news sources. (Only recently has an American President admitted to and vehemently attacked conglomerate media-hype unethical  practices.)

Violence, sex, and fear sell. These are statistical facts. But they should not be the norm on what is supposed to be an ethical and trusted public resource. Like it or not, the American mainstream media is guilty of crying wolf.

Disregard or disbelief; now we are suffering more than what is necessary as a nation.

Boy Who Cried Wolf StoryMarch Madness

The year 2020 has come to full bloom craziness in the wake of the Spring Equinox. It started with Basketball being canceled, then every sport followed suit; including Las Vegas gambling and the live entertainment industry. Eventually, in a snowball/downward spiral, a full shutdown of America, with exceptions of essential businesses, have been shut down in a short shocking time.

The beginning of this month of March started out much like the story of the boy who cried wolf. No one believed the media, and rightfully so. They have manipulated the people for years, and perhaps partially because of Trump ‘exposing’ them, the people finally started to figure out the pattern (maybe in the madness, no one actually knows what to believe anymore).

America is suffering worse right now than the aftermath of 911. A huge part of this is because no one yielded to the media’s perceived over-hyped sensationalized warning. Americans perhaps, at the wrong moment, have become desensitized to the mainstream media and their history of bullshit.

Unfortunately, this time it seems the BS was for real. Italy’s death rate as of today has reached a total of 6077. Yes, it’s not America’s stats, but to me, it feels closer to home and real. More than 15,400 people have died from COVID-19 globally. In some parts of the world it is settling down, in others, cases and deaths continue to rise.

But we as world citizens have the opportunity to rise above this tumultuous event. Almost 1/3 of the people diagnosed with the disease across the world have made a recovery. Let’s use this as a beacon of hope! Perhaps the quarantine has made you take this seriously. I personally have become even more cautious.

Fortunately, I make it a daily practice to avoid others and maintain a clean dwelling.

This Too Shall PassBoy Who Cried Wolf Story

National Quarantine is essentially a glorified house arrest. It is better than being sent to a FEMA camp or unwillingly being completely separated from your family (some elderly folks are actually experiencing this now). We have not yet turned into a Walking Dead series. And most likely we won’t. Take this time to be thankful, and enjoy the peaceful nature of the environment this pandemic has indirectly brought.

Silver-linings folks! Perhaps all the junk food off the supermarket shelves is a good reason to start that healthy diet regimen; or finally starting that garden. Good luck on that TP for your bum-hole. I don’t have much to say on that one…or was it number two? Bad dad jokes will never die.

We’ve been told 30 days. Let’s use this time to build, to meditate, to enjoy the things we’ve perhaps been missing due to work (at least the free things we can now afford to do with our time).

Boy Who Cried Wolf StoryGet It While It’s Hot!

Don’t get sold on impulse buying or thoughts. It is understandable that the American public did not take initial heed to the media’s warning. They had good reason not to. Mainstream news has cried wolf again and again and again; for decades.

The media has a track record of sensationalist practices. Whether the public has become educated or desensitized on the subject is questionable. In either case, the media’s word seems to be losing credibility. And that is directly affecting us. Now, even worse than before, we don’t know what the heck to believe we see on the TV.

The mainstream news may have you believing the sky is falling, but it may just be getting smaller because of emissions or an argumentative point on global warming. There always seems to be some trace of truth in the story. It’s tough to sometimes know when it is really getting blown out of proportion.

Always keep learning and the picture will become clearer. I would never promise perfect vision, but encourage you to use your brain in new ways. (The older we get, the harder that it gets. So start that habit now…GET IT WHILE IT’S HOT!!)

But please don’t panic. Stay calm, it’s healthier! (Stress produces too much cortisone which is bad for health.) Take an objective view of how you and others in your environment may be living and acting, and make the respectable and necessary adjustments.

Don’t Cry WolfBoy Who Cried Wolf Story

As we learned in the Boy Who Cried Wolf fable as children, we are learning again as adults in the form of our ‘trusted’ news sources. Be honest and stand behind your word. To put it simply, don’t make up stories to get attention! It’s unattractive and very unbecoming of a person, company, or other source of communication; such as various media outlets.

Let’s take this time to make better educated decisions, be proactive over reactive, and become a better person and world community then we were yesterday. This is a difficult time. It is surreal for sure! Make the most of this time (as we always should).

Please stay safe out there friends.

Thanks for tuning in. Keep in mind to keep your eyes and ears peeled to various and alternative news sources. List any good reputable alternative news sources in the comment section below!

-Mark G

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2 thoughts on “Mainstream Media Hype | A Boy Who Cried Wolf Story

  1. Hi there
    Probably, most of us now under the influences from those overwhelming messages or information from different multi-media. Sometimes, I am confused and disappointed from those sensational and catchy or biased news or even wrong message. Exactly, you are right, we had better to have critical mind to learn the real fact rather than blindly being spoon-fed.

    The impact of globalization is being manifested worldwide by Covid19. Simply, the world really needs accurate, timely, fair, responsible messages from reliable the media to safeguard our lives without bounds.

    Agree, put away our panic or fear, it is a good time for us to calm down and think how to strive for the better self and world, with no more racism.

    1. Yeah, in a lot of ways it’s a scary time. In many places they are threatening fines or jail time for being out. Regardless of the media reporting, the effects are real and we are all experiencing the consequences. I really can’t wait for it all to be over. In the meantime, I will respect all those that whom are truly working for the good of us all. Have a good day and thank you for reading.

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