Timeless Lessons Of Gandhi and Freedom

One of the greatest privileges we can encounter in our human behavior is being able to operate with a sense of freedom. Mankind, in consensus, has from our beginning agreed with, and desired, this basic human right. Historically, there have been powers-that-be and misguided opposition that have not been so interested in the mass populations’ right to freedom.

Many men and women have historically pursued a passionate pursuit of freedom against perceived injustices when this axiomatic standard has been challenged. Not just for themselves, but for the human race. One such relevant and prominent man, was Mahatma Gandhi of India. Today, Gandhi and Freedom have essentially become synonymous with one another.

In this sense of freedom, we are talking about civil liberties; living in harmony, respect, and balance with life and those who share in the gift. Gandhi was known for being a living example of this idea. Separating the man from the notion, we find with closer inspection, that what it takes to gain such idealistic abilities takes sacrifice and almost always comes with a price.

We should never take any freedom we have for granted. And of course we are never free from the consequences of our actions. The subject matter here is in the presumption of peace and progression. Gandhi’s life has left remnants of those principles that can forever entail awesome lessons for our daily behaviors and appreciation of being able to live in freedom.

Let’s go over the lessons history doesn’t popularly extract and apply for our own peace and progression!

Don’t Be A Prisoner Of Your Own EgoEgo Prison

Gandhi was known for being a very selfless person. His altruistic actions have echoed throughout and influenced many in history. This includes the world at large. It takes a certain humility to be able to operate with such genuine freedom and have this kind of impact.

This lesson teaches us to free ourselves from a long developed, misinformed ego. There are issues, meanings, and purposes greater than us. Addressing this awareness wholehearted is easier said than done.

We get wrapped in our own self-definition. In an arrogant state, it is very hard to care beyond what we feel as having a full grasp of life in its entirety. And from a state of insecurity, we may feel we’re never good enough.

What happens with ourselves, is that we become a prisoner of our own mind. We get ahead or never feel fulfilled of our potential. In either case, feeling above or below others disrupts harmony and potential for growth for all involved.

We often talk to ourselves in a self-defeating or over-hyped manner. These promotions can impose upon ourselves limiting beliefs of what truly is. Self deception does not discriminate upon the basis of a positive or negative disposition.

Ultimately we have the freedom to believe or not what is projected or reflected into or around us as being true. Even if it came from our own mind.

These beliefs alone can diminish our peace and progression. The conception of ourselves is one of conditioning as much as it is the perceived choice of being. We have the freedom of thought to change these accepted forms of existence.

When we learn to objectively look at our behaviors and thoughts, we start to become aware of a mental freedom that literally rises above conditioned ways of thinking. We can start to overcome limiting beliefs and redefine more true ways of being free; even from our own thought processes.

It does take exercise, therefore, we have to…

work for itWork For It

Gandhi had to put the work in for his revered results. His life was littered with huge obstacles and failure; as many successful world figures are. (Success is relative and subjective; and isn’t confined to monetary gain.) In his course, Gandhi failed as a lawyer in India before he found a successful practice in South Africa. Later he was imprisoned for challenging the taxing authorities of the time in both India and South Africa.

His failures and obstacles did not stop him from his decided purpose. In order to get to his desired outcome, Mahatma’s work involved a lot of self-sacrifice for the greater good. The results of his life and actions speak for themselves.

Gandhi’s history teaches us that what is comfortable to do is easy; and that which is most beneficial often requires a sacrifice of easily chosen comforts. We do not have to go to such to extremes to understand that attaining worthwhile goals takes work and sacrifice.

To get the progressive results we desire, we have to sacrifice the freedom of doing nothing, what comes easy, or is acceptable to everyone we know. In working towards our own greater good, sometimes we will have to disappoint other people to stay true to ourselves! This even includes ourselves until we reach new levels of comprehension and initiative.

Realize that freedom isn’t always given. Sometimes it has to be a goal. For example, we can’t have financial freedom without finding a way to make it happen. If we are not born into money, we will undoubtedly have to seek an effective way to acquire it. We do have the power to break this bond of slavery.

Be thankful if you are in this position, many in the world do not have the luxury of this option!

The reality is that we live in a global monetary system. It, to many, is considered a discreet form of slavery. The homeless and the malnourished will most likely attest to this reality. Whether this resonates with you or not, we all still have to deal with this way of life and global operation. Many have to work for, and see the process is actually the true worth, to those freedoms we desire.

Gandhi’s life example teaches that freedom can take work. It is in finding strength in doing as opposed to the weakness of coddling. This includes self assessment, planning, and action. We may find that sometimes it doesn’t take just a mind-shift and physical movement, but geographical locating.

Environments can be extremely detrimental to our peace and progress (as well as beneficial). A freedom in movement involves getting away from those people place or things that are unhealthy for us. If you are aware of or hip to gangsta rap music, it is a common theme to get out of the ghetto to become a better person and gain a better life.

It’s not a secret that our environment can be our worst enemy. Almost anyone is able to change their mind, mood, body, work ethic, or anything that involves a healthy, progressive routine. Whatever movement we need to take, even that of starting, will set us on our way.

While we think of, concentrate, and make moves for what is healthy for us, let us remember, that if we do not have our health, we can be a prisoner in body.

Health Is FreedomHealth Is Freedom

Gandhi believed in self-purification, and was known for eating simple vegetarian food. Natural diets have been proven to have substantial health benefits and improvements. It just makes sense to be pure to be in better health. In history, both of religion and evolution, humans are of the earth.

Mahatma’s practices also included fasting. Nature gives clues to this lesson every day if we pay attention to the details. The earth often sheds its lively layers to cleanse and regrow. This takes form in transpiration of the four seasons. (This is quite easy to witness in many regions of the world.)

Look forward to the regrowth process of nature that is also inherent in humans.

Absorb this lesson and apply it to your health routine. It should be second nature (really first nature), to align ourselves with the cycles of earth and our bodies.

Fasting has been known to clear out the body as well as the mind. It is also a positive form of soul-cleansing in many religions and meditations. Man reflects the healing and rejuvenating abilities of the planet. The earth heals. We heal.

While we go through change and turmoil, peace and beauty is always a possibility; even if it’s a residual result that happens after our passing (like a seed). It is not always an easy process or road to appreciation. This is why we have to practice working for our freedoms and bigger understandings.

Health permeates through the trinity of our mind, body, and soul. If we don’t take care of the vessel we call self (in all of its formats), we inevitably will come upon suffering and a hindrance upon our freedom.

Any person who has ever suffered a physical or mental disease, can attest to it being a form of imprisonment. In this realization, we find that it is imperative to enjoy freedom in its ultimate essence of movement and clear mental function.

Be careful and keep guard; junk or processed food can deprive an individual of energy. Deprivation of energy restricts movement. Restriction of movement hinders freedom. Hindrance of this freedom can inadvertently affect the mind. (Gandhi, really was onto something substantial for everyone!)

Good health can put us at ease and make us prone to have less stress about our being. In this tranquility and absence of worry, we start to experience more peace in our mind body and spirit.

Peace Is PowerfulPeace Is Powerful

Gandhi was not the first human to emphasize the ideal of peace, harmony, and human dignity. Jesus Christ, in character, is perhaps the most impactful figure of this nature the human race has ever recorded and followed suit with.

Shed notions about religion, this is about the questions we should ask in agreement about righteous human freedom in our more modern times. It’s crazy to find that the most influential and peace-seeking individuals have found the same fate of assassination. Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, and John Lennon, all died for their open, peaceful, and influential beliefs.

Perhaps loving (at least respecting) one another and maintaining civil rights just isn’t ideal to the 5% of the population that has it all. It is healthy to keep in question what is promoted via the media and history books. KEEP READING AND LEARNING!

Peace is powerful. Not everybody wants it. It controls and stifles bad intent. There are subcultures that exist that don’t benefit from harmony (War is big business). This is not up for debate. The more we search for answers, the more we find that historically men in power have decieved the masses for their own gain.

Perhaps in a state of peace, the common man may progress to levels that could threaten those in power.

Names that are historically an antonym with Gandhi include Hitler, Stalin, and Manson. Evil exists. Craving power is real. (I personally want to be left alone.) But there are humans that hate the idea of harmony and crave control. Peace is their powerful enemy.

Gandhi made moves. He made movements in action of peace. Gandhi got shot for trying improve the world. That man followed through and recognized the power of peace (despite his violent end).

Be The ChangeBe The Change

Whether for humanity or for yourself, if you want change, you have to be it! It may require working out, reading more, or moving to a new place. In any case, it requires thought and movement.

Many will agree with this concept, but only a few will actually take action.

It is not always easy. You can/will be tested. If it is by you or by others, human behavior has these tendencies to restrict based on history instead of future potential. Realize the future is more open than the past. The past has lessons. The future has opportunity, and essentially, destiny.

Thanks for reading. We can learn a lot from history. I used to think it was boring. But the closer to my demise, the more I want to understand what is and who is true. DO THE SAME! Feel free and please leave input. Learning and living are as synonymous as Gandhi and Freedom!

-Mark G

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15 thoughts on “Timeless Lessons Of Gandhi and Freedom

  1. Hi Mark
    It goes without saying, Grandi was selfless and sacrificed his life fought for freedom for his country, by means of his wisdom and peaceful mind against for United Kingdom of British injustice colonization.
    Agree, health is freedom, Gandhi’s self-purification for eating simple vegetarian food was good for both physically and mentally. Personally, I always try to follow this idea for fasting and vegetarian, it really can clear up our body and calm my mind. Honestly, I want freedom too, probably it is almost everyone’s hope, however up to now, lots of people still have no freedom to make their own lives in the world. Thank you for such cool article!

    1. This guy lived an essense of freedom few have the courage to go for. Ironically, he spent a lot of time behind bars. It is just as I implied and is known to those who appreciate, freedom comes at a cost. The world is fortunate to have such brave souls that have set examples, paved ways, and continue to inspire!

    2. It is such a tough thing to give up the comforts of life for a bigger cause. Gandhi did just that in so many ways. It’s not just one thing. His philosophy carried over to many other aspects of his life. He may have not been perfect, but no one is. He set a great example of the power of human will and sacrifice!

  2. So much more I have learnt from such a great figure as ghandi today and thank you so much for sharing this with us. Mahatma’s life was really a great lesson as he lives above his failure to experience a certain level of freedom within nature to truly practise what freedom means and how it should be used. Thanks for the insights here

    1. Thanks for your reply. I like how you said “live above his failures.” That statement is insightful as well, and a great perspective to use. Few could sacrifice what Gandhi has in his time. We are fortunate that such and amazing human set such great examples for all!

  3. I am glad that you could find time to create a superb article on time lessons of gandhi and freedom. I know that it will be of great help to so many others just as it has been of great help to me. The insight I have gotten from this article is awesome. I would like to share it with some of my friends 

    1. Glad that I you have gained insight from my article! Gandhi did set a lot of great examples for people regardless of race, religion, or creed. If you share the article with your friends, I would be flattered. Thank you for checking out my site and your nice comment!

  4. Thanks a lot for sharing with us this amazing article about Gandhi and freedom.
    I was drawn to the part where you say that health is freedom and I can say that I find myself in this story. As Gandhi did, choosing vegetarian life for me this lifestyle really brought me freedom and I can say that everything has changed for the better. My physical and mental purity was rendered to me by this green and healthy food and I would even recommend it to people who want to do this, at least for a short period and see if there will be certain changes.
    Natural means freedom! 

    1. That is so awesome to hear! I’ve thought about trying out a vegan/vegatarian diet to see how I would feel. But health being freedom in any case is 100% true! But having physical and mental purity is a good selling point for sure! thank you very much for your feedback.

  5. Hi, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. This is an interesting story there is a lot to learn from it although I had to read the entire page twice so as to get a full understanding of the writers message

    1. Thanks fro checking it out. I try to keep my writings as simple as possible so that they are ingestible for most people and not boring at the same time. Some take a little more time than others, but it’s part of the process. Gandhi basically set up the steps, and I just filled in my perspective.

  6. Hello Mark,

    I like your article. Before I read your post I heard a little thing about Grandi, yes I heard that he sacrificed his life for the freedom of his country but didn’t know the full history. It’s good to know he has taken simple vegetarian food for him cause I also love to maintain my fitness and agree with it health is a freedom not only freedom its also a big part of our life. Besides that his selflessness touch me, around the world many people still have no freedom but I wish every human canbe free, get the flavour of freedom. Keep sharing, love this article.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind reply. The man did set a lot of great examples for people to follow! Have a good day.

  7. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us. Your article is really informative and I gained a lot of knowledge by reading your article. I have never had the good fortune of seeing Gandhi in person, but I was always curious about him .He was an unselfish person and fought for independence for the country in an unselfish way. For health independence I regularly practice fasting and eating vegetarian .And that is why I am a devotee of Gandhi .This self-conscious concept of Gandhi has been able to calm my mind and refresh my body .I think everyone has the freedom to create their own life .I know that it was a very difficult thing to give up on life and Gandhi was able to do that .Gandhi is a great inspiration for the will of the people and the power of sacrifice .Thank you for your wonderful article .

    Lastly, I hope that by reading your article, everyone will gain wonderful and important knowledge and will definitely share with you their new experience. Can I share your article on my social media?

    1. Thank you for checkiing my article out and giving such great feedback! Yes, you can definitely share it on social media. I appreciate that. The article itself should have that option attatched. 

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