How To Be A Cool Dad

So you’re looking on how to be a cool dad?! Well, you may have come to the right place. “Why,” you may ask. Well, not having what I would consider a cool father, has taught me to appreciate what it means to be one. I have had surrogate fathers of sorts in my life; mainly via my friends’ dads. These awesome guys have passed onto me what it truly means to be a cool dad!

Disclaimer: I am not a dad. But I am still a son, and that perhaps is the best kind resource to hip you on what it takes to make it onto your child’s cool radar. So prepare for some firsthand wishes and suggestions of what would’ve made my estranged father, and can make you, a much cooler individual for your kids.

Be There Or Be Square 

In a generation of single mothers, the number one thing you can do to be a cool dad is be there. If you live with or are at least in contact with your child, make communication regularly, positively, and genuinely. When you’re there for your child, you will gain more respect, and that is pretty cool.

Being there doesn’t have to be limited to some stoic wise-word soothsayer. Step it up. Some fathers make the mistake of not being a friend to their child. Discipline is important, but it is possible to be a friend and a disciplinary enforcer as well. This will help your child learn the balance of life; good and bad, action and consequence, fun and punishment.

This will help teach the child to be a stronger, socially capable, and understanding person. A strong personal relationship will show your true self to the child. We always discover things about our friends that we find cool.

Set A Great Example

Your plight in life may have not landed you the best job, or maybe you were raised in a way where success came easy to you. In either case, teach your child the ways of the world, how to deal with life’s circumstances, ways to advance in life, and that we should continually learn and grow in our journey.

You don’t have to be the most successful father to be cool. Teaching your kid the value of hard work and earning a living will set them up for any type of success they desire to go for. Letting a child know their potential will go way further than transferring a self-defeatist, negative mindset.

If you feel that you have not made it to where you had hoped to in life, don’t let a child think the same fate is going to happen to them. I’ve seen this pattern so many times, and it adds a monumental struggle to a child’s early and succedent stages of life.

Train your kid and help develop their potential. Anything less than this is detrimental to a child; and that ain’t cool.

Don’t Try Too Hard

If you’re listening to the most recent music on the radio to try to fit in with the younger generation, it may come off strange or tacky to your kid(s). They have a sense of who you are, and if you try to hard, it may have the opposite effect and put their interest in you off. So trying too hard to be cool may actually work against you.

Understand that as a child grows, they start to gain a sense of self-awareness, and will from time to time want their own space (if they’re not a teen and already in this phase). Respect this and give it to them. Constantly intruding on your child is pestering, and you may just push them away. If you’ve followed the first two recommendations, you will know what’s going on in your child’s life and won’t have to pry.

Though, sometimes we may have to learn some indirect questions to get a sense of what is going on with a child when we suspect suspicious activity. The reality is that kids do sneaky things and don’t want you to know. This tact can gain you valuable information, and make you aware of things your child may not want you to be.

Of course, if your kid is up to no good, act like the warden! If you compromise discipline, your kid can become spoiled, or see you as a pushover. Have you ever been to a restaurant and watched parents do the child’s bidding or let the kids run around the whole place where others are trying to enjoy a night out? DO NOT BE THAT DAD!

If you give your child too much freedom in action, you are on a path to becoming an uncool dad. Sometimes, being a cool dad is about how you are perceived by strangers and not your kids. It’s not about caring what others think, but having a sense of respect and courtesy in public.

Hold The Bad Dad Jokes Please

I honestly love bad-dad jokes; when they’re delivered by people who aren’t dads. If there is one thing that isn’t cool, it’s coming off as a lame dweeb to your kid. Humor usually works better in an organic fashion, and not causing actual physical pain by a really bad joke.

If your delivery is supreme, then I suppose there’s no stopping you from executing these punny jokes. To be more funny (if you’re not), study some successful, popular comedians, and take notes. You may have to do a lot of editing due to explicit language. But then again, your kids may think your cool if you speak in expletives.

Just let them know that they may not want to repeat this type of language in public (at least not in school or other relevant venues). Laughter is always a great experience, and will enhance your child’s opinion of you as a good time; therefore being kind of cool!

Be A Sugar Daddy

In all the ways you can be a cool dad, find nice ways to reward your kids for their accomplishments and good behavior. If you can’t afford much, take them to the park, make them a special dinner, or tell them how proud you are of them. Letting kids know that doing well and doing good things will benefit them is important.

They’ll think you’re pretty cool if give them things they like or like to do! We all like presents and nice surprises.

If you really are searching how to be a cool dad, that shows that you really care and most likely are trying to improve yourself for your children. That my friend, is actually the coolest thing Daddy-O!

Thanks for checking my site out. Leave a comment if you’re a father and let me know what you think about my suggestions. Have a good day!

– Mark G

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2 thoughts on “How To Be A Cool Dad

  1. Hi there
    I do have a nice and responsible Dad but not as cool as you described. In general, traditional Dads are full of power and stringent especially to their daughters. Anyway, my dad did know to buy me ice-cream as a reward from time to time, that meant a lot to me. Sometimes, Dads do love their kids but not good at expression of their emotion though. Nowadays, kids expect their Dads as a cool friend rather than just a senior provides teaching only. Back to simple, love is a root of harmony relationship between Dad and kids. Awesome and enjoyable article, thanks!

    1. Discipline is super important and should come first. I’m saying that both relationships are possible. In my experience, when a person has a friendship along with a strong respect for their dad, the relationship is better and long lasting.

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