QiGong Displays Powerful Abilities & Insight In Learning Animal Behavior

Insight In Learning Animal Behavior

Humans marvel at their developments, accomplishments, and mental abilities over other species. We’ve extracted literally every element in nature to learn, grow, and create. Of course this includes studying other animals. Man has discovered along the way that there is super powerful insight in learning animal behavior.

Enhancing human abilities is something man has dreamt about and pursued for centuries. Even today technology is getting us all closer to becoming a modern day Ironman. Superheros have become a huge part of the culture in reflection of this aspiration. There is a very common theme through many of these comic book characters; Man merged with animal-like powers:

  • SpidermanInsight In Learning Animal Behavior
  • Batman
  • Antman
  • Wolverine
  • Black Panther

… The list goes on. These characters have gained or imitated the essence of their associated animals in the manifestation of their powers and abilities. This infusion has successfully moved them from human to superhuman.

So, is there really a way to acquire super powers with merging humans with animal abilities?

Well, Shaolin Monks have been studying animals and incorporating their movements, essences, and character into their martial arts dated back to primeval society. There are plenty of film documentaries showing the remarkable results of these trainings.

Shaolin Monks’ QiGong and Kung Fu animal forms have displayed Powerful Insight In Learning Animal Behavior and adopting enhanced abilities!

Adopting The 5 Animals

Qigong and Kung Fu are known for their animal styles. From the cat, to the horse, to the monkey, and even to the eagle and beyond, these Monks have developed martial arts through studying various species that have lasted to this day. The most popular of these animals have become grouped and known as the 5 Animal Style. They are the:Insight In Learning Animal Behavior

  1. Crane
  2. Snake
  3. Tiger
  4. Leopard
  5. Dragon

What do studying these animals do for the human ability? For many, it has become an enhancement in mind, body, and even spiritual abilities. The union of these styles reflects the power of hard and soft movements, along with the effectiveness of internal and external energies.

In short, they can improve every facet of our movements, thoughts, life experiences, and accomplishments! There’s a great amount of useful knowledge that can help us in this advancement within our lives.

First off, in order to coordinate successful action, we need to develop:

Focus and Balance

Insight In Learning Animal BehaviorQigong and Kung Fu can train the mind to relax, center itself, and focus on the task at hand. Once one is relaxed in the moment, balance can begin to be developed. Here, the crane style is often used to improve this and better direct one’s intent.

One legged stances that are used in stationary and in movement create an awareness of the body’s position and abilities to deliver through with its directed intent. Focus and balance infuse the mind with clarity and freedom from cluttered thought.

Once balance and intent become proficient through both stillness and movement, a person can then enhance the ability of efficiency through coordination and move on to develop:


The Crane Style’s power comes from focused intent, balance, and at which speed its movements can be both used in striking and evading. Here, calculation and confidence can become powerful tools within the power of speed.Insight In Learning Animal Behavior

We see that through practice, we acquire efficiency and can learn to perform tasks more quickly and even move faster with a more intimate understanding of our body’s presence and flow.

There is a connection and respect of speed with the Snake Style. Snakes are known for their speed and quick strikes to their prey or adversaries. Also, along with the speed of the snake comes the ability for them to coil and entangle through:


Once we have become well versed in focus, balance, and speed, we can start incorporating strength into our techniques and other things that we like to do.

We become stronger through confidence, repetition, and growth. It is then we begin to know and realize our new abilities. Here we begin the journey into becoming the tiger.Insight In Learning Animal Behavior

Known as the King of the Jungle, the tiger is known for taking and acquiring what it wants. This Shaolin Tiger Style is used in training to develop toughness of character and power; undeniable characteristics of the majestic feline.

When it comes to the strength and constricting powers of a snake, the Anaconda is perhaps the most likely snake that comes to mind. But unlike the tiger, to move fast, it has to use water. In fact, on the other hand, water will only slow the tiger down.

Strength alone is often not enough.

As is with life, every creature has both relative strengths and weaknesses. Through the knowledge of our abilities and weaknesses, we learn, like the Anaconda, that we can utilize our environment. We start to see the power of all the abilities and acknowledgment of our weaknesses can come together to enhance our:


Control of any situation is a super power most do not have. In fact, it may be nearly impossible for any human to have complete control in every single situation every single time; even the super ones.

But when we cannot control a situation externally, we can learn to control our reaction to it. Here, we find the power of the leopard.Insight In Learning Animal Behavior

Not as strong as the tiger, or perhaps as quick as a crane, the leopard learns to watch from afar and come in at the right angle to achieve victory. And when it makes its move, it’s all in!

Speed and angular attacks, and ferocious intensity define the Leopard Style. This animal is cunning and its style masters fakes, feigns, and deception in its techniques. Through calculation, speed, balance, focus, and control, it gains access to vital points.

In the human realm, we learn to become crafty, perhaps even manipulative, and see multiple approaches to victory. We begin to have control over our destiny with a lot of help from our newly acquired superhuman abilities. Now we:

Enter The Dragon

All the powers of focus & balance, speed, strength, and control are associated with the dragon. In this final stage to the 5 Animal Style infusion, the mythical reptile enters and brings with it mystical-like abilities.Insight In Learning Animal Behavior

Bruce Lee has become a legend and known for utilizing the Kung Fu powers of the Dragon Style. Known as The Dragon Warrior, Lee’s presence alone sparked intimidation, power, and an undefeatable nature into the minds of all who witnessed his him or his uncanny abilities.

Through all his practice, dedication, innovation, and altruistic nature, the man become not only a martial arts legend, but one of the philosopher as well.

Once we become the ultimate manifestation of our studies and practices, we become professionals/masters in our craft, career, and/or physical and mental abilities. There will always be room for improvement. It’s part of the lifestyle.

Reptiles shedding their skin represent this constant life-cycle and transformation. This insight in learning animal behavior can bring us closer to the powerful super person we just may be destined to become!

Thanks for stopping by! Continue to learn, continue to grow, continue to do! Say hi in the comments or give me some topics on human behavior you’d like me to cover. Have a great day!

– Mark G


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2 thoughts on “QiGong Displays Powerful Abilities & Insight In Learning Animal Behavior

  1. Hi there
    Always, it is not uncommon, some movies described how human could gain superpower by merging animal and human, honestly, I think that human really can enhance strength from learning or imitate different animal behavior like traditional martial art (Kung Fu). Agree your points, animal behavior can inspire people how to unleash their unknown hidden power by learning their way of balance, focus, speed and force control. Awesome article! Thanks.

    1. We really can learn a lot by studying animals. QiGong and Kung Fu are just some really fun ways to use the natural ways of the species outside of our own human race for our benefit. Even birdwatching is a way to study and learn. Maybe a bit more passive, but some people are into that kind of thing! And if you are, you can check out some binoculars to gain some super sight!

      Thanks for reading!

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