Be More Than Just A Shadow In Time

Humans experience loneliness, depression, and doubt from time to time. In these moments where we feel like just a shadow, the light inside just isn’t glowing for us. I experience this lack of motivation and weakness-of-will almost seasonal. But like the seasons, this mind frame passes. I have learned to push forward.

As we approach the Spring equinox, let it encourage you to grow. As we start to get more sun, longer days, and nicer weather, let your mind, body and soul go in sync with this positive progressive change. Create something; whether it be a game plan, business idea, writing, song, or clean environment.

As cliche as it is, all we have is today. In the power of ‘now’ realize the importance of taking action; even if you don’t want to or feel like it. I created a short poem today (down below) to be creative and do something when I am having a hard time finding the fire within.

The writing is more of a cleansing than an inspirational piece. What I am trying to convey through it is that it is normal to feel melancholy or dejection. Addressing it is the important part. It will put the feelings in perspective and give you an idea of what to work on or angle to approach it at. You’re not alone friend.

Just A Shadow

I’m just a shadow, a reflection of the past. Love is a memory, of which we wish to last.

Time makes its pass. Holding the torch, and from behind, creates the shadow’s cast.

It moves so fast; from nine digits on banknote paper to a flag at half-mast.

We’re given tasks, and create our own way. Freedom of speech; but watch what you say!

It is said that legends never die. Most of us won’t make in impact in other people’s eyes.

Lost in a crowd; screaming out loud. Blending in; muffled out by toxic words and sounds.

Don’t despair, you can share it all into the cloud; where one can forever exist.

Ending in Earth’s ground, Heaven bound; hoping you made the guest list.

Make a wish. Wonder where it goes? Shadows fade; diminishing a name that no one knows.

Go And Shine Bright

Life is full of cynicism, doubt, and mysteries that just can’t be answered. Much of these dictate our mode of behavior. Some cast no such worry, while others live in the fear of what’s next all of their life. What category would you place yourself? (I believe it’s important to face the reality of your mortality.)

Find your peace. Find your answers. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy life on much better terms and have optimal experiences! Look for an active hobby as well as a creative one. Without a healthy body, you’ll discover that you cannot spend your time or money on a great life or move forward how you’d rather choose.

If you come across this blog piece, know that you are more than just a shadow. Shine your light. If not for the world or your family, for yourself to show that you have the power to keep your fire alive while you’re here. Let the haters become just a shadow!

Thanks for checking out this writing. If you liked it, feel free to explore the website. You’ll find a lot of great information on human behavior and being self-aware. Any questions, comments, or feedback is encouraged to be left below!

– Mark G


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2 thoughts on “Be More Than Just A Shadow In Time

  1. Hi Mark
    Yeah…it is very true, sometimes, that I am in doubt and worry what will or should I do in the future. But life once, I realize that I do need to move forward bravely. You are right, first keep healthy physically and mentally, trust ourself with confidence. Thank you for your encouraging article. Let’s keep it up…It is a good start from Spring!

    1. Thank you for reading my article. I find that exercise, even something as simple as taking a walk, is good for the mind. And as the weather gets better, the more active I become. I do feel I move with the seasons. And it that time to step up the growth process!

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