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Let It Out

We all, by design of being human, suffer internal afflictions. Either by our own hand or others. Almost always, it’s more unhealthy to hold it in than to Let It Out. There is usually a time and place for such a release, exercise, or confrontation. But in the end, releasing our self from the mental poison is a welcomed relief.

It doesn’t have to be just about pain. There’s good reason to let out the good in ourselves as well. The cliche that many die with the music still inside doesn’t have to apply to our lives. I do continually stress to be creative in all that we do because I believe it is very important. It is a productive form of release and can be a bridge to connect to others. It also helps build up the self.

These kinds of practices enhance our imagination. The benefits improve the ability for having positive thoughts and taking appropriate actions. In life, no matter what we do, there is going to be rejection, failure, loss, and frustration. But these are learning experiences as well and can be the fertilizer for our growth.

Whether it’s through exercise, writing, unique social interactions, or any other various creative form, incorporate relieving yourself of stress and sharing positive energy. You’ll not only improve yourself, you’ll improve many aspects of your life and relations.

The following are lyrics from a song I made. It expresses in poetic form and parallels what I mentioned above. Enjoy the content! I’ll leave a link here if you’d like to listen to the song. I made it some time ago, and it isn’t digitally remastered, so bear with me! Haha. Click here for the song link ; )

Let It OutWarrior

Pain inside, it’s building up it’s tight. It’s caught inside and it’s hard to fight.

It’s a battle the warrior will win. The hands hold victory the face wears a grin.

Despite where you started (that is, broken-hearted) you’ve kept in mind the seas have been parted.

So you charted destinations, laid down reservations. Built up your spirit so it could conquer nations.

No more facing the state of degradation. Now you’re strong in your self relation.

The problem that existed that made the thoughts twisted has been extinguished.

The dark clouds lifted. What’s left is the realization that your life is gifted.

You’re strapped and armed. You’re ready for more. Here it comes, a declaration of war!!

Now you let it all come out. Release it all; stand and shout:


What’s this blockade to my thought crusade? Is it fear inside; and if so why am I afraid?Eagle

I’ve been there before, full of candor, feeling sure. Soaring like an eagle excited to explore.

Losing sight of the shore and take on the sea. I need to be habit free from apathy.

I’d happily agree to focus on the way I see. If I had the key to unlock me I’d truly be all that I could be.

I wouldn’t act so timid. I’d stretch the outer limit. Not expecting a hand-out. If I had it I’d want to give it.

I take a second glance in case I missed the first chance. The music isn’t over. So there’s still time to dance;

Have a little romance… I’m in a nervous stance. Clear the throat with a little cough.

Get up my nerve, count down to take off. 3…2…1… We’re off!!

Now you let it all come out. Release it all; stand and shout:


You know what happens when you choose to hold back? It’s like what happens when the engine falls off the track.

After the first train, the rest chain-react. But it’s not the strongest link it’s keeping the weakest one intact.

To stop this metaphor I strongly implore, to welcome opportunity when it opens up the door.

It’s not Johavah’s Witness and I doubt you’re on a hit list (Unless you got the wrong man pissed).

So I persist to insist if you want to exist successfully; Prepare and condition yourself for your goals zestfully.

You don’t have to be evil or greedy to get the green. Just work with your vision and put it on the wide-screen.

Believe in the unseen. You can’t even see yourself inside. But you can know it and feel and from it you can’t hide.

So feed it. Embrace it. Share it. Come on let it out. Let’s all hear it!

Now you let it all come out. Release it all; stand and shout:Release it all


If you’ve followed my blog to any degree, you’ve found that I like to share about myself in addition to my studies and articles. It’s essential to me that I show my personal human side along with my objective writings. And I like to show that I practice what I preach; even in addition to my writings on this site.

I wrote this song almost 20 years ago. I find It still holds relevance for any phase of life. At the time I when I wrote this song, I was suffering from a lot of depression. Perhaps that echoes in the music I made along with the lyrics. This song acts as both a reminder and an encouragement for me.

To see where I was, and honestly sometimes still return, helps me to identify with how I feel and to move on through my ordeals in a positive light. I really hope that what I share can help or make a difference in someone’s life.

I’ve not only reflected my life in music, but also in a full length novel. My book The TV In The Wall goes pretty deep into where my mind was several years back. It will give you a lot of insight into human behavior and my obstacles. It’s available on Amazon Kindle or you can click the link here or on the site’s home page if interested!

Thanks for checking out my article and lyrics! Any questions or feedback can be left below!

– Mark G

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2 thoughts on “Let It Out | Finding Creative Release

  1. Hi there
    To me, hiking is the most simple but great way to release my stress out. Greens, flowers, rivers……in the forest, you can breathe tranquil air but full of lives like fungus, ants, butterflies, spiders, birds, squirrels……all kinds of living things produce amazing raw sound (music from the nature), they can tell you what is pure nature of life. Nothing is more important than that, just throw away pressure or pain and enjoy what you have – your life.

    Your music is so encouraging and nice, that’s is really useful to let it out our emotional. Thanks!

    1. Thank you. Yeah, it is like poison to hold in negative emotions and personal grudges. Learning to forgive ourselves and others definitely puts the right step forward!! Thanks for reading and checking out my site!

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