Carry On The Next Road Adventure With A MOTORCYCLE BACKPACK!

Motorcycle Backpack

Help carry the thrills of adventure on the road with a motorcycle backpack!

The sensation of being on the road; between two wheels and an engine, is reserved for a small adventurous group of freedom seekers. In America, only 8.02% of people are reported to own a motorcycle. This is the highest percentage to date (up from 6.94% in 2014). The biker image has come a long way since it’s gang member and trouble making associations from the 1950s!

Marlon Brando is accredited to be the first to portray the rough outlaw image of a biker in the 1953 film, The Wild OneJames Dean, perhaps taking notes from Brando, used to cruise around on a motorcycle off-screen. Dean was known to look up to Brando and emulate him. Both would come to be iconic and recognized for their rebellious biker image.

While a lot of the leather and rough-edge style has sustained over the years, biker image conceptions have evolved along with the models of motorcycles and accessories. There’s a racing, street, travel, and just simple plain clothes style.

More people are riding than ever before. Besides the population increase, personal reasons include economical; along with those seeking adrenaline rushes and free-spirited adventure. (Some even do it for the image and attention.)

If you’re gonna be on a motorcycle for a long road trip, or it’s your main mode of transportation, it’s a good idea to have the proper gear. A helmet is a great obvious choice along with proper riding wear. For added convenience and daily functionality, add a motorcycle backpack to your must-have-list of riding accessories!

Fortunately, there are many different designs to suit your style, or albeit, image. Take the Chrome Barrage Cargo Backpack:

It’s WaterProof!

Regardless of where you live, at some point, most likely its going to rain. When you have your belongings and valuables you’d rather keep dry (laptop, clothes, weed, camera, etc.), having a waterproof backpack is of course ideal. The Chrome Barrage Cargo backpack provides this luxury.

Its rolltop style makes it quick and easy to throw your goods in, and get going to your next destination! Though you can’t fully submerge it in water, it is all-weather suited. Rain storms will be no factor if you get caught in one. Keeping your personal stuff dry is a peace of mind this bag provides while on the road or out and about.

PRO TIP: This bag is similar to a canvas style lunch cooler. Your food will stay fresh and crisp longer in it. The bag can double as a cooler. Since it’s waterproof, it won’t leak and it doubles as a day hiking ice cooler. (If one is so inclined and you don’t have the plastic frozen packs available.)


22 LITERS (This is more of a vertical measurement)

This bag is not bulky, and is better for light travel or quick low-count item shopping. I have used it to take along an extra change of clothes. When I’m doing research away from home, it’s a great backpack for storing my laptop, pen & pad, and any books I’m reading.

The cargo-net on the back side is a unique style of storage and comes in handy for a helmet, extra or dirty shoes (or anything wet or dirty you don’t want in the bag). There are not multiple compartments on this bag. Though it does have a hidden pocket for your phone, wallet, etc. on the back upper side. I like to think of the Barrage Cargo as a stuff and go style backpack.

One final internal storage area includes a zipper at the lip of the rolltop that has a pocket going down the entire side of the bag. Please note this compartment is NOT WATERPROOF!

On both sides, there is a pocket that will fit a 24oz Hydro Flask. I’ve also used the pockets for my U-lock when I was bicycling. The straps at the chest have overlapped velcro strips for additonal accessory add-ons and loops to attach keys or a carabiner.

The Chrome Barrage Cargo backpack is all about the getting and going. It’s a simple storage design.


When choosing an accessory, a selling point to many, is style.

The Chrome Barrage Cargo has a mix of military and urban attitude. I’ve personally got compliments everywhere I’ve gone when sporting this backpack. The color I have is primarily Forest Green with black backing and straps. (Though it is available in Red, Silver, and the pro version in black). It has a supportive chest strap that clicks in with Chrome’s signature seatbelt buckle. It is a mini-version of the buckle, and adds a nice touch to the aesthetics of the bag.Chrome Buckle

If you’re looking for style without being ornate, this bag is for you.

FunctionMotorcycle Backpack

Motorcyclists, bike messengers, and hikers will all find practicality with the Chrome Rolltop Barrage Cargo Backpack. It’s simple and to the point. It has a cushioned back that makes it comfortable to wear. There’s no guesswork what compartment an item is in. (My mother did this with her purse for years.)

The reflective strip/drawstrap that goes down the back is ideal for visibility at night. It will keep the sack as secure as you want by easy pull adjustment after you clip the rolltop in.

There’s also a laptop sleeve in the waterproof canvas welded enclosure. The pocket falls serveral inches shy of reaching the bottom of the bag. This prevents from smashing the laptop against the surface you place the bag down on.

The Barrage Cargo makes for a great carry-on for an airplane flight as well. I’ve used the cargo net to store books, hats, and even snacks for an easy no-fuss grab while traveling via plane. The bag is versatile in function.

Ride On In StyleChrome Industries

I am a particular in my choices. I like items to be aesthetically pleasing; along with highly functional. I have a minimalistic approach as well that I blend into my caliber of style. This Chrome bag is one of my favorite accessories and I have taken much joy in annoying people by mentioning serveral times to them that it is waterproof.

As a former rider (a currently don’t have a motorcyle), this is the bag I chose to use and still do. There are many choices to fit your style and usage. Some motorcylce backpacks have an outer protective shell if that is more of a feature you understandably desire.

The Chrome Barrage Cargo Backpack is a great choice. It’s well-built, tough, waterproof, hightly functional, practical, and it looks really cool. If you don’t ride motorcylces, this bag is still a great choice; as I have mentioned many other ways to use it.

You may not want to spend $160 on your kid’s school backpack, but I’m just saying, they’ll love it…

Thanks for checking my review/recommendation* out. You’re welcome to give any feedback below. Let me know what you look for in a backpack or any experience you’ve had riding. Have a great day!

– Mark G

*I have affiliate links included where I may make a small commission for a purchase. These products were not given to me and the links do not affect the price of the items in any way. Thanks again!

P.S. The Chrome Barrage Cargo backpack is waterproof!

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4 thoughts on “Carry On The Next Road Adventure With A MOTORCYCLE BACKPACK!

  1. Hi there,
    Agree, backpack is simple for travel, work, study or sport and I have more than five backpacks for different purposes. Backpack is a great design ever, nowadays, many people see backpacks as part of their personal fashion or style apart from its basic carry function. I like your recommendation, especially for its ‘cooler’ and ‘waterproof’ properties. It is perfect for a hiking or short trip! Good choice and tips, thanks!

    1. Sure! Backpacks are essential for the outdoors person and travelers. I had planned a cross-country trip on a motorcycle, and the Chrome Barrage Cargo is the one I chose. I was going to supplement the trip with side/saddle bags, but the bike ran into problems and I never followed through. But I still have the backpack and it’s awesome! Thanks for reading and leaving feedback.

    1. Glad I could be of assistance. Backpacks are quite a handy accessory! I use the one I wrote about regularly. Today, it was my computer bag. Tomorrow, it may be my hiking pack! Thanks for checking out my article and site!

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