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Self Assessment

In our quest to live our most fulfilling life, if we are choosing not to settle, we often find ourselves in a position we’d rather not be in. Now, position is a very relative term in this matter. There’s the position of job title, position of low finances, and for the more unfortunate, a position of legal predicament. A list of positions could invariably go on here. But if you are dissatisfied with any of the above state of affairs, you’re looking to alter that position.

This journey leads many in the direction of a new career. (Those in legal predicaments are encouraged to hire an attorney.) The common time-consuming issue is how to find a new career path. We can start by exploring as many options as possible. There are going to be many career positions you are not going to be qualified for. Often we can achieve qualified status through ways that we will be discussing here. But in some cases, you’ll never be qualified. Let’s be realistic in our search and work with what we have and what is within our ability to obtain.

Seek Clarity

The first place to start with any plan is in the mind. In our search for a new career, we have to have an idea as to what we’re looking for or desire to achieve. Therefore, it is important to SEEK CLARITY. In practice, clarity will take careful thought and mind experimentation. Clarity will increase desire. This moves us towards our visions and goals.

Ask yourself questions. Some examples:

  • Is there particular freedom that you would like to have?
  • Would you like to work from home (for your family or personal solitude)?
  • Are you interested in travel?
  • Do you want to “BE” the job (like a police officer, doctor, engineer who are on call 24/7)?

Ask yourself what kind of service you would like to provide. Think about what you enjoy. Finding a passion can be a start (I know that is cliche, but it is part of the process). It is also important to recognize work and play are two very different elements with different benefits and rewards. Here, we are in a search for fulfillment; not what comes easy or is just a good time. Know that diligent hard work, that has purpose and challenges us, takes us closer to our vision and goal.

The first exercise is to take time to find clarity. From there, you can start to formulate a plan and then work on the next step:

Work On Your Skills

In our successful, awesome, future vision of yourself, we through clarity see that we do have a very particular set of skills that will equip us for peak performance in our chosen new career. (Remember, we are looking to not settle!) Use your mind’s eye to look ahead. Can you identify and describe the necessary skills? Are these skills possibly something that you have naturally, but kept on the shelf over the years? Perhaps a hobby, unique talent, or gift? Have your choices and life directed you to your present position for lack of pursuit of these abilities? It is possible to develop these skills and get back into practice? It really helps here if you have an interest in these skills or the process of using them to get to your goal.

It is also a possibility you currently don’t have the necessary talents or skills for the job. At least not yet. This is the blueprint for the next step. DEVELOP THE NECESSARY SKILLS now for what your future career requires or could use. The more we’re excited for our future that we are creating (which is a mind frame you should always work on having), the more motivated we will be to develop or enhance the skills we will need for our success. Here is a list of some helpful resources to learn new skills and start implementing right away:

  • Udemy – is an online learning platform with learn-from-home courses. It covers many career focuses, skills, and hobbies for purchase and often at a discount. An app is available for your smartphone as well.
  • YouTube – Has the 2nd largest search engine on the internet. YouTube offers a digital sea of informative videos on practically anything you want to research or learn about.
  • Local Library – Books are still an invaluable resource. Reading is fundamental. Your local or city library is still a great source of free information. The use of computers and videos for research is another great option there.
  • Google – The number 1 online search engine. Bing and Yahoo are not as popular, but can be used as well. Type in your interest or quire, let Google serve up your options, and take it from there.

These are great places to get started. Ultimately, you’re going to want narrow it down and invest and focus on a higher education; through a successful entrepreneur course or accredited institution geared towards your skills. Otherwise, you can get lost in a sea of information and distractions that pull you in multiple unproductive directions.

If you have an age concern, know it’s not too late to find a new career path. There are many options, especially online, for all ages. Figure out what skills, tools, programs, software, you need for the future, and start now. INVEST IN YOURSELF!!

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now” – Chinese proverb

The 2nd exercise is to start developing the necessary skills. Now. Search out the resources listed above and seek out others all related to your career. Which is a perfect segue to the next step:

Ask Questions

“To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.” – Chinese proverb

The next step is to FIND SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE, ASK QUESTIONS, AND ATTEND CONFERENCES/SEMINARS. Professionals in many successful careers, give seminars, and it is possible to search out information through these informative sessions. There is usually a fee (I know that is tough on a budget), and often access is reserved for people in the business or of the profession. Even if you are low on funds, you can still hit up the lobby, blend in, and get information and career insight from people if you can’t get a ticket or afford entry.

There is another simpler tactic that doesn’t require travel or red tape. If you come across or know a successful individual that seems to have that glow of satisfaction, ask them what they do. Successful people that have walked the path are often willing to share in their journey. Since they enjoy what they do, they usually won’t mind talking about it. It is possible to find a new career idea in such serendipitous encounters. Chance favors the prepared mind. By being prepared I mean consciously searching and being open to new opportunities in all situations.

Through all this you may even come across a coach or be offered an apprenticeship! But you won’t know unless you take initiative.

Here’s a list of the top 10 Conference Cities 2019 Las Vegas Conference


  1. Orlando, FL
  2. Washington D.C.
  3. Las Vegas, NV
  4. Miami, FL
  5. Chicago, IL
  6. San Diego, CA
  7. Phoenix, AZ
  8. Atlanta, GA
  9. Dallas, TX
  10. New Orleans, LA

The 3rd exercise is to attend a conference and/or question a successful person in your area. It pays to be curious and to constantly be learning! So don’t be afraid or reluctant to ask questions. Knowledge is power. And we can build upon that in the next step:

Build A Business

Great businesses begin in the mind! If you don’t know which direction to go, consider the option to CREATE YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Businesses can require large business loans, and others just small ones (like a painting or starter landscaping company). There are the type of jobs that we’ve possibly worked at where we would have enjoyed it more if we owned the company and were able to call the shots. In taking out a loan, the bigger the business the bigger the risk. It would not be wise to take out a $300,000 loan to open a restaurant if you don’t know the first thing about that industry.

Brainstorm to come up with some business ideas that your community could benefit from or you believe you’d thrive in. Like we talked about above, see if there’s a service or skill that you already specialize in or are qualified for. Not every business, especially in today’s commerce, requires a brick and mortar establishment. Many successful businesses began in a garage, as a side-hustle, in a small apartment, or simply through online means.

Online marketing has become a very popular way to start your own business with almost no money to get started! You can make content on a website, on YouTube, Instagram, and monetize your sites and content through affiliate links. I recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate. They have a great training course and network to learn this skill!

The great thing about affiliate marketing is that you can make content on practically anything that interests you. AND YOU GET TO BE YOUR OWN BOSS!! As long as you are consistent, learn the techniques, and stay patient, this can be a luctrative business with the right niche!

Maybe you have an acquaintance or friend that has similar interests, along with necessary abilities, you don’t. For example, they could be better business minded. Or, maybe you are good on camera or with writing, and a friend is good with film.

There is the option to create a partnership and combine both of your talents in whatever business model you decide on. Here again, there can be many risks when taking on a partnership. But taking risks is necessary in our journey for success and goal achievement.

The 4th exercise is to form your business model! The most important part once again, is to get started. Take action and explore your options!! This next step can be done at anytime, really:

 Reflection and Introspection

Personally, I have drifted through a large part of my life not knowing at all what I wanted to do with it. Two things I did though, were made sure I had fun along the way, and put myself around positive people (most of the time). There’s something to say about having a lot of genuine experiences. I believe any goodhearted person really deserves them! But in reality, if there’s no purpose, vision, or plan, those experiences won’t lead to the fulfilling life we seek and can have.

We will reap the rewards of our labor; or lack of it. Once again, work and play gives two very different rewards. Work does not need to be associated with a negative connotation. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE that.

Odd jobs, partying, or simply drifting along will not necessarily yield the proper skill sets, but they do offer us life lessons. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR LIFE LESSONS. They have patterns and insight to what has worked and what hasn’t in our lives. We can work on and improve the patterns that do work or develop new ones. We are more capable than the credit we often give ourselves!

“You have to let it all go, [your name here]. Fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free your mind.” – Morpheus/ The Matrix

The 5th exercise is to reflect on and extract important life lessons. It’s a good idea to keep a journal, take notes, and learn about our past in our self assessment when looking for a new career.

Remember to have PATIENCE with yourself. It takes time to figure things out. And once you figure things out it takes time to learn, build, create, and advance. GREAT THINGS TAKE TIME. Enjoy the process!

I hope this article was helpful. I can’t stress enough the importance of taking action. If you have any ideas to add for how to self assess in finding a new career path, have any questions, or like what you have read, please comment below!

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4 thoughts on “Self Assessment | How To Find A New Career Path

  1. Wow great content, I have been longing for a career change for over two years now. If I have had this kind of explanation I believe that I would have been further ahead. Sometimes knowing how to change requires also what to look for. this article is definitely going to help many people out there whom are looking for a change. I did settle for 18 years until I realized that life has more to offer than just a dead end job and a small pension ate the end of my career.

    1. That is exciting for me to hear! It feels really good to know that my words and direction helps and motivates others!! I am glad you enjoyed it! Once I found out about making websites & content for a career, I knew it was for me. I’ve been searching hard the last two and a half years myself, just like you! I remember sitting in my friend’s car saying, “I just want to find a career, a purpose. Something I love and am good at.” He said that I will then. He was right. So the article was close to heart with my recent experience and searching. I’ve done A LOT of reading on finding ‘my niche’ and it feels good to be creating it. It’s a challenge sometimes, but I enjoy it and will be patient for my website to grow. Thank you for your feedback Sharriv!

  2. Hi there
    I agree if one really want growth and success in the future, don’t wait but act now. Seek clarity with strong determination is a good point. Thank you for your useful article that help reflect myself.

    1. Now is all we have. I wake up and give thanks to however I got here or whatever or whoever or what God made me. Anything can happen and I really practice trying to not take things for granted. We should act now! Somehow that never stops me from taking a nap when I want

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