Ways Of The Social Butterfly

Social Butterfly

The Social Butterfly is one of the most fun and fluid personality types to be around. Being within their company almost guarantees an energetic-filled experience, perhaps some drama, and an air of mystery as to what the night (or any social engagement) holds. What comes next is usually taken to another level; in conversation, in random action, or in movement to the next venue.

Their walk is rooted in the nature of the free-spirit. Being a social butterfly has definition in growing and exploration. They have a charming way about them, and have the ability to dismantle or handle all kinds of personality types.

For example, a strong opinionated person, and perhaps not in agreement to a subject at hand, can be perceived as a challenge or a learning experience to them; and not necessarily seen as a negative opposition.

Some without the grace of a social butterfly may analyze these types as a thought-enemy. But Breaking down the issue, and not the person, makes the most sense to them. It’s not in the right or wrong, but in the understanding. The gregarious ways of these friendly people also carry with them this kind of grace. They are open-minded.

How do Social Butterflies have natural abilities to get along others. Well, first, they’re:

ExtrovertedSocial Butterfly

These social beings have a natural tendency to be open, free in thought and movement, and an ability to make friends quickly. There’s not much holding these creatures back from engaging in conversation, giving a well-received perspective of the environment, social issue, or any relevant topic that presents itself.

Social butterflies aren’t defined by being simple, easy-going rule-followers. Very often they are opinionated and freely share how they feel; where they’re from, or the choices that they have made to get them where they are. They tend to make things happen. Much of this is from their high energy, and these types of humans have a lot to give…

It’s not in their nature to wait or worry what others think. Half the reason social butterflies climb social-ladders is that their drive is sourced to attain higher ground. Social butterflies want more. Not necessarily from others, but from life. And they do it with grace or an acceptable folly.

Everyone has different learning curves. Catepillers climb nearly blind before they see they will have the ability to fly…

Full metamorphosed social butterflies are attractive in their demeanor. This isn’t confined to just looks. They convey a positive attitude, a beautiful inner essence, are inquisitive, and display a genuine desire to learn more about people places and things.

Their optimism and hip nature makes it common for them to be physically desired. Climbing and transformation is contagious, whether well-received or not (you’re not doing something right if you don’t have any player-haters). They are not afraid to engage with strangers or to others whom are perceived a threat to the majority.

An interesting question is, how easy is it to get into the realm of a social butterfly’s inner-circle? Though they are fun, have desirable qualities, and prove again and again they have a knack for social engagement; where do others end up on their list of priorities?

Social SkillsNetwork Skills

Social butterflies do well in the business world. Their inquisitive nature and ability to connect with others translates well when it comes to being valuable in formal relations as well. Negotiation, coming to a common agreement, comes natural to a social butterfly.

When they hone in on business skills, they tend be the best salespeople. They sell their ideas in a way that paints a picture of genuine experience, educated understanding, and detail only those with an intimate relation could be made aware. Therefore, they are perceived as a reliable source or reference for any product or service they have an interest, hand in, or experience with.

Charm isn’t limited to social gatherings. The free-flowing, easy going strong-will of a social butterfly makes them a powerful corporate representative. There is no limit perceived of their ability to transcend to the next level. Social butterflies avoid the net of capture and represent survival as well as grace in their transcendance.

People tend to chase them and want them in their collection of friends, acquaintances, or lovers.

In personal relations, Social Butterflies are prone to be heart breakers; the ones gone with the wind. Many exes will classify them as the one that got away. These in-flight human specimens do not like to feel trapped or obligated to others. Their time is valuable. Even if it seems they don’t value yours, understand that there are a lot of ingredients to life and it is a compliment that they add you to their list.

Goes With The FlowSocial Butterfly

To the social butterfly, freedom and attitude is everything. To separate these qualities, their beauty of being is instantly compromised. They are not docile. Social butterflies are in trend whether or not they are aware of “current trends”. Followers, haters, opinion doesn’t stop them. If anything, it fuels them.

Change is fun and natural. Social engagement is their natural high, and gives them reasons to improve their selves, keep up with trends, and life in general. It keeps them flowing, going, and learning.

During an evening out, they are likely to keep the party going, and know the best spots to be. Social Butterlies tend to prefer crowds, love the energy, and are open to where the party goes next. In many cases, they are the life of the party, and it may follow them to whatever place they move on to.

Social ButterflyFlighty

They are not the most dependable of humans outside the business world. Since they tend to be popular and have lots of options, it’s tough to find a loyal friend in a social butterfly. Don’t take it personal. They are free-spirited beings who just may choose the “best time” available over the more responsible or low energy option.

Okay, so they tend to be a little selfish and at times want it all to be about them. They are used to attention. If you bring less than what their body’s endorphins produce through a human interaction, you just may be side-lined. If people can’t keep up with them, they are perceived as an anchor; a net.

They do think of others, it’s just only apparent when you’re the one in their presence. In time, as the social butterfly matures, she may have a solid group of close friends that are often by her side and share in the adventurous nature.

As many people that they know and meet, they discover that genuine personal relationships are the most important ones to have. Having the right people to share in fun experiences increases the worth of the moment.

On To The Next Social EngagementSocial Butterfly

Social butterflies are adventurous. Just accept it. Yes, they don’t always make the most dependable friends. But they are interesting and can keep you guessing what’s next; or wondering where the hell they’re at! Even though they at times slight others, those people still often choose to stay friends and forgive their ways.

They are aware of formalities, structured rules, and expectations, but they have more fun being genuine and free in form; breaking from the norm. And like trendsetters, they do what they want.

This may mean rule-breaking or defiance of time restraints.

You never know where a social butterfly will end up next. Anywhere from the other side of the room to the other side of the globe. We can learn a dose of freedom and adventure from the social butterfly. The desire to be around them can be the lesson for ourselves to become a little lighter in thought and in care; if only enough to carry us to the next big adventure!

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2 thoughts on “Ways Of The Social Butterfly

  1. Hi there,
    Way of the Social Butterfly sounds good especially we need them to warm up those social gathering. Agree, they are fun with strong communication skill than the average people but interestingly to know that they are prone to be heart-beakers! Oh really, no personalities of people are perfect!

    1. I like how you said that they can warm up social gatherings! Such a great point! I have a lot of friends that have that gift. Sometimes it’s me. But I, for the most part, don’t like to delegate. I’m more of a participator than a planner.

      Social Butterflies tend to be desirable because of their free nature. People are attracted to what they want to be sometimes; and when it happens to be a quality of the opposite sex, the attraction gets amplified. When what we want to be around rejects us, it causes the pain of rejection. People need to learn to not take rejection personal. That is a topic for a whole other article.. Yes, no one is perfect.

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