Keep Your Head Up! | Stargazing With Binoculars

Stargazing with Binoculars

Due to the recent national stay-at-home order, stir craziness, boredom, and anticipation have driven us to find new ways to pass the time. From the inside of our dwellings looking out, this situation and lifestyle change has set us into contemplation, introspection, and even stargazing with binoculars from our roof, backyard, or window.

Playing board or video games, working out, and Netflix binge-watching are some common activities. But we start to miss the outside world and wouldn’t mind a better view of it (even if it’s virtual). Not having anywhere to go, we may start to look into the vastness of the universe in meditation, peace of mind, or simple astonishment.

In the darkness of our universe, we can still find light. There are silver-linings to be discovered. The uncertainty and mysterious nature of life we tend to take for granted is propelled to the forefront. It has the power to enhance our vision and want to make the most our existence.

America’s current situation has brought these issues to light.

Closer looks, in various ways, tend to wake us up mentally. Clear vision of mind is even more important than of sight. But as long as we have our eyes to see, it can be nice to have a tool that enhances their abilities. Getting even just a bit closer look at the stars and other satellites becomes an interesting way to pass the time and gain a positive experience!

Consider picking up this hobby and a pair of binoculars for this mystical pastime. It may be an enchanting, possibly fulfilling experience you’ve been missing out on.

Binoculars Are HandyStargazing With Binoculars

Owning a pair of binoculars may not have been something you planned on. But they can be a worthy investment. In addition to stargazing with binoculars, these vision enhancing devices have a lot of versatility that a large telescope does not offer. Most notably, you can conveniently carry a pair on your person. Wherever you go, a pair of binoculars can come in useful.

  1. Hiking (useful in surveying and closer views of awesome sights)
  2. Sporting events (including non canonical NASCAR)
  3. Concerts (Not the sneaky binocular flask kind)
  4. At the beach (Parents can keep a close watch on their kids)
  5. Hunting (whether its duck or wabbit season)
  6. Super sight for the nosy neighbor (even Matilda can use a pair)
  7. Bird watching (for the nature enthusiast and dork)

Binoculars fit practically into any backpack. Check out a waterproof backpack to help protect your gear and equipment here. A pair of binoculars not only enhances your vision, they can clearly enhance your experience!

Stargazing With BinocularsBest Selling Adorrgon Binoculars

These affordable binoculars are best-sellers on Amazon come with the following specs:

  • Lightweight and Powerful 12×42 Binoculars, Weight only 1.1 pounds (0.6 Pounds lighter than 10×50 full size binoculars). Equipped with 12x powerful magnification, 42mm large objective lens and 367ft/1000yds large field of view.
  • Capable of delivering a clear face from more than 650 feet away.
  • Clear Weak Light Vision – Adorrgon Binoculars can deliver clear vision in weak light condition (not in complete darkness).
  • Comes with a Carrying Case, One set of Eyepiece Lens Protection Covers, a Cleaning Cloth and Neck Strap.
  • Low cost. At $49.96, they’re a great deal! (for more specs and info, check them out here!

Call In The Search Party!Stargazing with Binoculars

Have some ideas ready for when this pandemic blows over. Call your friends and formulate some plans to have a worthy, fun, adventure-filled gathering! Plan a hike and search for a new place to go, a concert outing, or a road trip. You never know what you may see. And it just may be a beautiful clear star-lit sky! Don’t forget to bring a pair of binoculars. You may want to get a closer look!

As it’s been said; we’re all in this together. Things will change; if not forever, for a while. We should always look for the positive in such events to help cope. Even the simple appreciation of freedom is put into a grander perspective.

Appreciate life and be thankful for your health if you have it. Health is freedom, and it has been taken away from many.

Thanks for checking out my site! List ways you have dealt with staying at home in the comment section. It may give ideas to others!

*I have affiliate links included where I may make a small commission for a purchase. These products were not given to me and the links do not affect the price of the items in any way. Thanks again!

– Mark G

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2 thoughts on “Keep Your Head Up! | Stargazing With Binoculars

  1. Hi there
    Probably, it’s time for reflection oneself and think more about our world. Sometimes, we are just too busy to stop a while, to realize and treasure what we have such as health and love from our family and friends. Yeah, having extra time with family and friends is an unexpected invaluable outcome from this new disease pandemic. Likewise, it is a good chance to learn more about our beautiful sky overhead and surroundings. Agree, we can enjoy a lot more if we can have one simple binoculars on hands. Thank you for your good recommendation.

    1. Sure! Binoculars are a cool gadget to have. I do like the diversity of them and their appeal to adventure. Life is an adventure anyway.

      I hope right now this pandemic is an awakening for people to learn to be kinder to eachother and truly appreciate the freedoms we have and may take for granted. Have a good day!

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