Targeting In Advertising | How You Are Being Read By Marketers

Targeting In Marketing

There it is again! Those shoes you looked at online are now everywhere you surf online or browse on your mobile device. “Why are these shoes following me everywhere I go!!,” is something you may exclaim out loud. Today, we are going to reverse engineer this site’s main focus, how to read people, and learn about Targeting In Advertising and how you are being read by marketers.


You're A Target

These strategies are applicable to any product or service. Here we’re going to use the example of a “WORKING FROM HOME” search. It is something I have personal experience with and am specializing in myself.

When you search online for terms such as “working from home,” “online business,” or “entrepreneur,” just know that you’ll be targeted by marketers specializing in these niches (If you search for shoes you’ll get targeted by shoe companies and their affiliates). The internet search engines, especially Google, are utilized to pinpoint demographics and specific searches to find those looking into these interests. There are many behind the scene tools available to get an edge on the consumer. The rabbit hole goes deep and there is much to learn.

These companies know you’ll be looking for their service or product through these back office tools and internet algorithms. Interestingly, in the case of ‘WORKING FROM HOME” companies, they’re aware you’ll want to, and most likely will, look for reviews on them.

They have the ability to put themselves in a positive light. Just know savvy marketers are always two or three steps ahead of the consumer. It’s not personal. It’s just business. With that being said, it’s also a glimpse of the leverage an aspiring marketer can acquire once they learn these targeting tactics.


Many “WORK FROM HOME” company reviews are written by those in the company itself. The search engines are directed through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) utilizing popular keyword searches (by the entire online community) to put many of these articles on the first three to four pages of a Google search. If you want a more unbiased perspective of the company, you may have to go several pages deeper to get non-affiliated reviews.

Reviews therefore, are primarily there for two reasons:

1. To promote the “WORK FROM HOME” company.

2. To sell something else (i.e. Not the “WORK FROM HOME” company). You see, if other companies or affiliates know people are searching for the “WORK FROM HOME” company, and have a competing product or service to offer, these reviews are a good source for traffic and sales opportunities.

In other words, both reasons are to TARGET YOU FOR A SALE!

In the example of the shoes, the companies or affiliates are going to play the numbers game in sales and bludgeon your social media feed or online shopping sessions with their ads and links based on your searches and advertisement clicks. Facebook has an entire business program to help narrow down consumer trends and searches for these type of marketers.


Online marketing has exploded in the last decade. More people are searching for products and services using the internet. And because of this, online marketing has outgrown TV and radio influences exponentially. It’s hard to point a finger against companies that have endured this explosion, kept with the trends, and stayed on top of the cutting edge industry tactics.

Advertising simply has become one with the digital world. It evolves around SEO, content creation, email gathering (often through free promotions), social media ads, and pay-per-click ads. Marketers build websites through WordPress, make videos on YouTube, and infiltrate your media social time. They interrupt the games we play online and the free music we stream.

Marketers are always jockeying for your attention through these various ways of targeting. Attention = $$$.


My working from home journey started over a year and a half ago. After coming across a bunch of obvious online scam sites, Wealthy Affiliate came up in my ‘work from home’ search. After researching and concluding it wasn’t a scam, I decided to join (especially since there was a free trial). The step by step process and site support was appealing to me. It was exciting and was my first community site I came across to learn about online marketing. My interest and confidence in the company escalated and I became a paying member to get full access.

I had this very website up and running with several articles that I was proud of. I really was enjoying the process. Then the distractions came about. They always will; since we’re targeted as soon as we start our journey.

Most of these other marketers/companies in this niche will advertise to you how fast you can make money with their system. I was swayed to pursue these tempting ventures. I dished out money and ended up with buyers remorse and a skill set that didn’t fit my interests or personality. The bait I took was being able to earn money faster by an “easier” marketing tactic.

Free Information

A beginner at online marketing in general, probably is unaware of all these ways to target potential customers, clients, etc. And I wasn’t hip to this yet. This other marketing company was one of the first to target me so directly. In an impulse/dollar sign flashing opportunity via the phone, I paid $3,000 to a company that taught all about FB ads and PPC (pay per click). They had me sold on how easy it was.

Their marketing strategies were all about advertising for small businesses. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, of course. I just don’t like working sales and dealing with people in that manner. My excitement faded and I regretted not sticking to my path that had so much momentum and a genuine part of me in it.

I have gained knowledge of a lot of behind the scene business tools like funnels, email generation, call tracking, and FB marketing. I learned a lot. But most importantly, that running ads for small businesses wasn’t for me and you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars to learn this stuff.

But now I have a huge grasp on the field. I most likely will also pursue other affiliate methods (like YouTube or IG), as one should to diversify oneself in the market. Learn as much as possible! Then go and learn some more!

Find what makes you excited and works for you, not what claims to earn you money fast.


This skill depends on a list of things first. Some main considerations are your persistence, patience, and consistency. You really need to enjoy the process as well. If you enjoy or are passionate about writing, sharing your thoughts, opinions, insights, or teachings, then I would check out Wealthy Affiliate’s program. Find your niche, go for it, and keep at it.

Wealthy Affiliate can be a good opportunity to start an online business for a very affordable membership fee. They are, after all, offering a service. The training is very thorough and you may even find yourself having fun as you learn about online marketing and where you can fit in within this vast lucrative industry. The more you pursue an online marketing venture, the more you’ll see that Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome resource to have within your arsenal.

If you’re more of a video content creator, look into specific YouTube or Instagram training. I bought a course on YouTube video making and I enjoy that too. If you want to market for small businesses, look into Facebook marketing. Remember that you’re not limited, and it is beneficial to learn as many angles of marketing as possible. But take it one step at a time or you’ll be overwhelmed. I guarantee that.

The Wealthy Affiliate training program is great for beginners and experienced marketers. There are 1000s of additional training and informative videos and resources available including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook marketing; made by experienced marketers that have been in the business and with the company for years.

Wealthy Affiliate

In my opinion, WA is completely worth the cost (It’s super affordable anyway). They really walk you step by step through the process. It’s a great system. With the training, web-hosting, resources, tools, and community you get here at WA, it’s a great place to angle in on a successful business. I am that guy who has been around the block and found out that this place is legit and kind of fun. The last year and a half has been spent learning & trying to figure out which avenue to take. Well, I’m back here on my website, and Wealthy Affiliate will be a major artery on my road map to success!

If you’re interested in checking out Wealthy Affiliate, click the link here ==> I WANT TO LEARN ONLINE MARKETING!!

If you enjoyed this article or have any questions, feel free to put them in the comment section! Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Targeting In Advertising | How You Are Being Read By Marketers

  1. Hi there
    I am annoyed by prompt up online advertisement always too. Agree, there are lots of different kind of attractive online courses, however, not all are worthwhile and suitable for everyone. Thank you for your own invaluable experience and advice. It is really helpful.

    1. On the positive side, if we have to deal with ads online, at least they now tend to be more relevant to our interests. It still weirds me out though; like an invasion of privacy. It reminds of sci-fi movies, except it has become real. Pretty soon, we may start to see holigrams sales-pitching us like retail people at mall kiosks (but I certainly hope not!)
      Thanks for reading, hope you learned something useful!

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